The Mother Hips
Red Tandy EP


Released: 2005
Camera Records


Red Tandy EP:
1.   Red Tandy
2.   Colonized
3.   Blue Tomorrow
4.   Red Tandy (alternate version)

Red Tandy 7inch:
A.   Red Tandy
B.   Blue Tomorrow

Red Tandy (#1) & Blue Tomorrow (#3)
Recorded by Paul Hoaglin in February, 2005 at Pyramid Audio Headquarters, San Pablo, CA, using Paul's 1" 8-track tape machine. Paul mixed the tapes to 1/4" in June 2005 near San Francisco, CA.
Colonized (#2) Recorded and mixed by Dylan Magierek in May/June 2005 at Closer Recording, San Francisco, CA.
Red Tandy (alternate version,#4) Recorded by Dylan Magierek in May 2005 at Closer Recording, San Francisco, CA. Mixed by Ben Kweller & Steven Mazur in August 2005 at Excello Recording, Brooklyn, NY.

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