The Sheets EP


Released: 2003
little sur/pacealot

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The Sheets EP:
1.   Long Journey of My Eye
2.   You Can Have Everything
3.   Gary Douglass
4.   The Man Who Would Be King
5.   The Crusher and the Crushed
6.   Little Heater (live)

Tim Bluhm - guitar vocals, drums
Paul Hoaglin - drums, vocals, bass pedals, guitar

Recorded by Paul Hoaglin at Pyramid Audio Headquarters

Cover and CD Drawings by Tim Bluhm

All song published by Little Sur (ascap) except "You Can Have Everything" published by Little Sur (ascap)/Peacealot music (bmi) and "The Man Who Would be King" by Pacealot Music (bmi)

This EP was hand made and printed and assembled by Simone and Nat at Essen.

NOTE: this is a limited edition hand numbered cd-r release limited to 200 copies. This release is sold out and is available now for download.

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