The Soft Adventure EP / Colts


Released: 2003
California Recordings


The Soft Adventure EP
1.   Tear it Down
2.   Give Me Some More
3.   Spying on Your Teen
4.   The Only Solution
5.   Thinking of Home and of Mother
6.   The Soft Adventure

1.   I Can't Stay
2.   Tiny Blue Coffin
3.   Life in the City
4.   Spotless As You
5.   The Bad Always Wins
6.   Pick it Up (Requiem for the Rolling Machine)
7.   Are You Making Your Way?
8.   Sadness of the Masses
9.   Rose
10.   In My Time

The Soft Adventure EP
(California Recordings - 2003)
Recorded by Dean Kattari and Ricardo Gomez at Dark Signals Studio, Oakland, CA in the Fall of 2001.

Greg Loiacono's voice is heard on track 4
Mixed by Michael Winger
Mastered by Kevin Ink

(California Recordings - 2003)
Recorded by Rob Baldwin and Tim Bluhm in the winter of 1995/1996 in San Francisco, CA

Rob Baldwin's voice is heard on track 13
Mixed by Michael Winger
Mastered by Kevin Ink

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