tim bluhm - land & sea chanteys

(Hufa Records- 1999)

The debut solo album from Hips front man Tim Bluhm entitled Land & Sea Chanteys originally released on Hufa Records is now out of print.

1. This Way You Fly
2. Harnessmaker's Song
3. The Temple I Worship You In
4. A Song to Play
5. Tinkerbell Perfume
6. The Nelson Touch
7. Eucalyptus Wood
8. You Break Mine Too
9. California Way
10. Girl Crazy
11. Keep You From the End
12. Godspeed John Glenn

all instruments & vocals

additional musicians:
Nathan Pendery, Butch Boswell, Greg Olin, Isaac Parsons, Dean Kattari & Beth Fifield

Produced by Tim Bluhm
Recorded by Dean Kattari
Mixed by Tim Bluhm & Dean Kattari
All songs written by Tim Bluhm except 11 by Greg Olin and 12 by Bluhm & Olin

'Land & Sea Chanteys' is somehow different from Bluhm's Mother Hips material. In this way, it's reminiscent of Pete Townshend's solo work, where the narrating voice is the same, but the explorations are far more intimate than The WHO's usual path.

Still, the conflicting sandscapes of impossible heartache and endless embraces, as told through varying, solitary voices, is the stuff of a potential Californian epic. We’re left to keep the beach fire stoked and to sort vicariously through the wayward postcards.

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