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February 20, 2008 - San Francisco, CA
Time goes quickly, and summer is practically here. My good friend Steve Poltz and I are getting ready for the 3rd annual High Sierra Songwriter Workshop which takes place July 23rd through the 27th. If you are a songwriter, or an aspiring songwriter, you really should come on this trip. There's usually about 14 people, Steve, me, two mountain guides (who are gourmet cooks), and ten or so songwriters. A mule team carries all our stuff seven miles up into the Ansel Adams Wilderness where we set camp near the beautiful Lady Lake. Then we just hang out, play guitar, talk shop, swim, fish, hike and eat great food for four days. It's as good as it sounds, and you are guaranteed to come away with at least a couple new songs. You can check out more details here. To register, send an email to Ian Elman.

The Mother Hips are proud to be playing the High Sierra Music Festival over the Fourth of July weekend this year. It looks to be a great line-up. In the meantime we will be playing a bunch of shows around the country with New Monsoon. I'll be going out on a national tour as Jackie Greene's support, playing solo. He'll be releasing his new record "Giving Up the Ghost," and I'll be releasing my newest solo record "House of Bluhm."
Thanks to everyone who supported Greg and I whilst we were on tour with the incredible Rodrigo y Gabriela. We played some big fricking rooms and it felt good to hear some shout-outs! If you haven't, you should definitely check out Rod and Gab. Also, my wife Nicki Bluhm has a new record coming out soon. It's called "Toby's Song" and I produced it.

January 25, 2008 - Los Angeles, CA
I'm on tour with Steve Poltz right now, opening for him solo. He's got a band with him this time so we aren't traveling together. It's interesting to play solo in front of an audience that doesn't know me. It is easy to see when I have them, and when I don't; challenging but enjoyable. Steve and his band sound amazing! Soon I will be doing this same thing opening for Jackie.
On the recording front, we are almost finished with Nicki's record, "Toby's Song." It should be released in the next two months. My next solo record, produced by Jackie Greene and entitled "House of Bluhm" is almost finished as well. Mixing has begun on The Antiques new album, and tracking sessions start on monday for Dave Brogan's first solo record. Dave is the drummer for Animal Liberation Orchestra. The Mother Hips will be releasing a joint single with UK band The Bees in the next few months as well. Our song is called "Childish Dreams." See you around.

August 2, 2007
It is hard to believe it is August already. I have been in the mountains for a while, camping and climbing and playing music. The second annual High Sierra Songwriter Workshop just finished and went very well. Seven amazing songwriters joined Steve Poltz and I for four days of writing, singing, swimming and eating. We camped at 9000 feet. Steve and I came up with this year's song theme "Raining Gravel," and everyone wrote a song with that phrase in it. On the last night we all played our songs and it was amazing.
If you hear a song called "Raining Gravel" it probably came from that trip. I must say, Steve Poltz is probably the most incredible person and performer I have ever known. You should go see him play if you get the chance. He may even end up eating breakfast with you the next day. We are already making plans for the 3rd annual HSSW.
In September Jackie Greene and I are releasing our collaboration, SKINNY SINGERS STRIKE AGAIN. We wrote, performed and recorded the whole thing at our MIssion Bells studio in SF. John Hofer played drums on a few tracks as only he could. Thanks John.
Famous photographer and long-time friend Jay Blakesberg took photos for us and they are outrageous.
STRIKE AGAIN will be out in time for the Skinny Singers mini-tour in mid-September. We will be playing in SLO, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and in Guerneville at a benefit for redwood trees:
"The Old Grove Festival returns to the Redwood Forest Theatre in Armstrong Woods State Reserve on September 14 and 15, 2007. Expanded to two days, this year's event features an evening of music on Friday with the sensational, up-and-coming "Skinny Singers", featuring Jackie Greene and Tim Bluhm followed by Sonoma County Repertory Theater's rendition of William Shakespeares's comedy "As You Like It" on Saturday Afternoon. The festival is presented by California State Parks and is a benefit for Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods."
The Hips are taking a break from two months of touring but not for long. We have date sin NYC and Chicago lined up for the fall, and we are writing songs for our next record. I hope to see you out on the road or up in the mountains.

April 20, 2007 - San Francisco, CA
The show at Marylin's tonight is the Hips' last show in California until San Luis Obispo on May 25th. If tickets sell out you should go check out the reunion of Kai Kln at Harow's. We used to play with them in the mid 90's and they are very, very rock. We have been having fun playing the new songs on stage, and seeing how people are reacting. Mostly good so far. If you haven't heard the new record you can sample it on iTunes or just go ahead and buy it.
I got a new guitar recently, custom built by Creston Lea of Creston Electrics back in Vermont. He is a great guy and the guitar is wonderful to play. Mike Taylor from the Court and Spark has one and so do Tom Heyman and Chuck Prophet.
Two records that I produced are coming out soon, one by Dave Mulligan and the other by Lux Land.
Nicki Chambly's debut and Skinny Singers' debut are next ...
There will be some Skinny Singers shows in June and some more in September.
Another reminder about the High Sierra
Singer/Songwriter Workshop
hosted by Steve Poltz and
myself. - Tim

March 2007 - San Francisco, CA
A busy time around here. The Mother Hips' new album "Kiss the Crystal Flake" is hitting the stores on April 3rd. Lots of shows are scheduled around the release as well as a few other events. Wednesday April 4th at 8am the Hips will be on the KFOG morning show. Saturday April 7th at 2:00pm there will be a free all-ages apprearance at Ameoba Records on Haight Street in San Francisco. Not to mention our first national tour in many years. I recently produced two records, one for David Mulligan and one for Lux Land. You can hear samples of them here and here.

July 25th-29th Steve Poltz and I host the second annual High Sierra Singer/Songwriter Workshop. This is a five day wilderness workshop that focuses on songwriting skills. Professionals from Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides lead us into the Ansel Adams Wilderness just south of Yosemite and cook us gourmet meals and generally take care of us while we discuss songwriting and performing and write and share songs. This is a mule supported trip which means a pack train carried in all our supplies and even most of our guitars. Swimming, hiking and relaxing are also encouraged. Check out this link for more info and sign-up soon! Last year this trip yielded at least two new records, one extended tour and many friendships, not to mention about 35 new songs. There are only 10 spaces available.

See you in the future.

January 17, 2007 - San Francisco, CA
The Mother Hips record is finally done and we are mostly hunkering down to wait for its release in April. It looks like we will be playing all over the country in the spring and summer. In the meantime there are a few events of interest. On February 1st Sensations will be paying at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco and a band called Hiss Golden Messenger is on the bill as well. This band features members of the Court and Spark as well as John Hofer and myself.

The Ball-Point Birds record release show will be February 20th at the Cafe Du Nord. The Hips will be playing two shows right after that, Chico on the 23rd and Tahoe on the 24th. I am getting tired of the cold. I am going somewhere warm for a while.

January 5, 2007 - San Francisco, CA
Check out the Skinny Singers pod cast.

December 13, San Francisco, CA
The new Ball-Point Birds record "Two Discover" just came out and Greg and I are excited for people to hear it. The records we make definitely serve as journals or photo albums of our lives and this on eis no exception. Themes include new homes, inter-personal challenges, physical time versus psycholgical time, environmental concerns, magic, practical space travel, William Mulholland and Alan Watts and even dinner-table politics. See for yourself.

In other news, my on-going collaboration with Jackie Greene is, well, on-going, in the form of Skinny Singers. We take the stage with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, a bass, a lap steel, two snare drums, a kick drum and a piano and play his songs, my songs, our songs, Willis' songs and even Elmore's songs. See for yourself.
I have been hard at work in my studio as well, most recently with David Mulligan, a singer/songwriter from the desert southwest. (The recordings on his myspace site are not the ones). Of course the Mother Hips have been in full swing, playing concerts and wrapping up the sixth album, to be released (for real) in April.

If you missed the 2006 High Sierra Singer/Songwriter Workshop, keep an eye out for new dates and trips to be announced early in the new year.

posted June 25, 2006

This is my brother Erik playing his old Gretsch bass. He and his band the Encounter Group were recording at my studio, Pacific Dust, in mid June.
This is Jackie Greene at his home studio in Sacramento. I was up there for a few days recording and rehearsing for a show we did together.
Jackie at the drums.
This is Kyle Field of Little Wings and Jake Bunch of Last of the Blacksmiths. We were on a surf trip down south. Though we are all musicians, I don't remember talking about music at all.
This is my mom and I celebrating her birthday in San Francisco. We were waiting to eat at Pacific Cafe in the outer Richmond.
Dave Schwartz (of Fast Atmosphere) and I named this day "National Hammond Day." I had bought these organs and Dave was nice enough to help me move them. We got pretty good at it. Let us know if you have a Hammond that needs moving.
The incomparable Nicki Chambly. She and I together are Chambly Towers. We played the Blacklight Folk Festival up in Chico. Nate Pendery, who sang and played on LAND AND SEA CHANTEYS, played with us as well.
My cousin is a school teacher and she had her kids make this fantastic poster based on the words to the Mother Hips song, "Time-sick Son of a Grizzly Bear." She brought it up to Santa Cruz so I could have a look at it.
This little guy came right up to our boat after a surf session down south.

May 25th, Sacramento, CA
Jackie Greene and I are hanging out at his house practicing for a show and messing around with some recording equipment. BIrds are singing outside. It is Springtime. I was in Yosemite last week and enjoyed hanging out at the top of Yosemite Falls for a few days. There is A LOT of water coming down there right now. Kind of scary.

The Mother Hips are swinging back into action after two months off, so you should check out the concert dates and see if you can come out.

Here are some favorites:

* Sean Hayes

* Gregory Page - He opened for Jackie at the Belly Up last month and was amazing. So is his new CD.

* A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS- 1966 film.

* Tamari almonds- About 100 times more expensive than gas but way more delicious, and blood-free as far as I know.

* The drums on Galactic's CRAZYHORSE MONGOOSE. They sound really really good.

Thursday May 25th:A Special Evening
w/ Jackie Greene and Tim Bluhm
Marilyn's, downtown Sacramento
Jackie and Tim share songs,
stories and new material.
9pm, $25

Want to go camping this summer?
Join Tim Bluhm and Steve Poltz for a 5 day camping trip in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, just south of Yosemite. Let the mules carry your stuff and let the guides cook your gourmet meals while you discuss songwriting and play songs with Tim and Steve around the fire (and come away with a brand new song!). Check out High Sierra Singer-Songwriters Workshop.

May 11, 2006 - San Francisco
A strange Earth Day to be sure. I have been on tour with Jackie Greene this past week, having a great time playing and watching Jackie and his band put on great shows. (More on that later.)

This morning I drove down HIghway 50 from South Lake Tahoe. There was a ton of traffic. I stopped for coffee twice only to be turned away both times by long lines. Just too many people.

The news was dominated by the high price of gas.
Apparently not too high yet. I guess we will keep on buying it for a while. In Europe, and South America gas costs twice as much and people still love to buy it. What price really will be too much?

I spent ten days in a small town in central Brazil, mostly meditating and learning about spirituality. My friend who has ALS turned me on to a medium named John of God. ( The whole experience was very mind-opening. In Brazil, and probably in a lot of other places, the idea of mediums channelling enitities for healing purposes is commonplace and totally accepted, and it works. Why not?

JUST ANNOUNCED- Southern Yosemiite Mountain Guides is offering a trip in late July that may interest you: click here. Steve Poltz and I are the featured singer/songwriters.

Tim Bluhm will be performing solo opening for Jackie Greene in April. Jackie was recently interviewed and had some nice things to say about Tim. Check it out here! PODCAST
Tim stopped by the studios and brought some of his favorite records to discuss and play. Check out this in-depth 45 minute long interview podcast here!

March 22nd
I just got back from South by Southwest in Austin and I am glad to be home although the rain is kind of getting to me. The Mother Hips had successful shows in Texas and are showing up at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley March 24th and 25th with Ettiene de Rocher, Willow Willow, Billy Midnight and Hawk is Landing.

The Hips are going underground for a while after that to finish up a new record. I am finishing up recordings with Tarnation (Paula Frazer) and the Antiques from Southern California and then playing some solo dates with Jackie Greene at the end of April in SoCal. Right before that I am going to Brazil to visit and assist my good friend David who founded a group called Heaven's Helpers.

There are some new downloads available here and at

I drove through Big Sur after the Mother Hips shows at the Belly Up and saw 650 gray whales, one bobcat and a California Condor that had a wing span of 9 feet!! It looked like a pterodactyl!!

January 14th
I just watched that movie FESTIVAL EXPRESS. I didn't really find the story that interesting, kids wanting music for free and all, but some of the performances were incredible. Richard Manuel's voice on "I Shall be Released"!! The last scene of Janis Joplin singing made me cry a little. Rick Danko conducting "Ain't No More Cane" has got to set some kind of a record for the most f#%^ed up person on film. Tied with the girls in MANSON.

Greg and I just finished up our new Ball-Point Birds record. It should come out sometime in May. We recorded it at the same studio where BACK TO THE GROTTO was recorded in 1991. The Mother Hips are adding new shows throughout the spring so keep checking for new ones. I am playing only one solo show and it is in February at the Delta of Venus in Davis. It is a free or at least very cheap show that is open to people of all ages. Other than that I have been trying to surf in between these storms and doing a lot of recording in my studio, Pacific Dust.

See you around.



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Tim was recently interviewed on Dark Side of the Radio, an internet radio site. The interview has been archived for your downloading pleasure. Check it out to find out about why lead to the hiatus and what lead to the band's return, the Hips future recording plans, and what Tim has been listening to lately. Also be sure to check out earlier interviews with Mr. Bluhm.


the Commodores
Philip Glass
Grizzly Man
crab season
Tom's fennel toothpaste
northeast wind

November 21th - Home
I had a fun weekend playing music with the Mother Hips. We got locked out of our two dressing rooms and had to walk across wet cement and kick down the door to a sushi restaurant. Thanks Missy for taking us out to dinner in Davis. It was fun. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving week.

November 17th - San Francisco, CA

Greg and I were at the Hangar, a studio in Sacramento, for the weekend. We got a big chunk of a Ball-Point Birds record recorded, consisting mainly of brand new songs. Lots of work yet to be done. Lots more Mother Hips shows coming up too. Have a nice day.

1. FOR ALL MANKIND - Documentary about NASA's Apollo program with great music by Brian Eno.
2. Off-shore winds
3. Celebration Ale - Sierra Nevada
4. Jonathon Glazer- Music video director
5. Full moons
6. Looking west from the Berkeley Hills on a clear day
7. Flat-wound strings
8. Chico
9. The nice folks at Camera Records
10. Arch-top guitars

November 11th San Francisco, CA -
It seems like we missed Fall this year but maybe its still coming. John, Greg, Paul and I are going up to Chico this weekend for a show at good old LaSalle's. I wonder how many fun times I have really had there? After that Greg and I are heading to the Sacramento studio The Hangar to start work on the second Ball-Point Birds record. It will be finished by February and hopefully out by summer.

Don't forget to check out the Mother Hips' new release RED TANDY. See you around.

October 25th SF, CA -
I spent a week in New York City and played a few shows there. It was a really good time and I made some new friends. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped me feel at home. Now the Mother Hips are getting ready to go into action along the coastline of California, gearing up for the release of our single. Check out the SHOWS page for our schedule. Also, if you are a mySpacer, go and listen to their exclusive Mother Hips podcast ...

1. Polar bears at the Manhattan Zoo
2. Apizz- Italian restaurant on Eldridge and Houston
3. House of Oldies- All-vinyl record shop in the Village
4. Rooftops
5. Hudson River
6. Joe's Pizza

Jackie Greene
Paula Frazer
Blonde Redhead

October 9th San Francisco , CA - There is lots happening here this fall. The wind is blowing like it's spring so I am getting stuff done instead of surfing much. The Mother Hips have lots of shows for the remainder of the year, and a new release is coming on November 1st on Camera Records. I have a few solo shows coming up too, in SF and NYC.

Thanks for checking in and ,if you want, visit my MySpace site: The Mother Hips have one too:

Two of my songs, Eucalyptus Wood and Tinkerbell Perfume are featured on the soundtrack of the movie "Water Under The Bridge".

Hang loose.
- Tim

August 9th North Fork, CA - August and September are the months of the summer for me to put on my shoes and walk a long ways. The only driving will be of pack animals. The only buzzing will be of mosquitos and sometimes flies. The only smoke will be of campfires. The only music will be of wind in rocks and trees. The only bright lights will be the sun and sometimes the moon. It is good to be gone and then good to be back.

July 13th The High Sierra Music Festival was a success for the Mother Hips. It was so fun to play at a festival again after so long. There is nothing quite like it. We played two shows, one very late at night inside a large building and the other the next afternoon on a large outdoor stage. there were bands playiing all night long and I don't think anyone slept very much. I know I didn't. After watching the Steve Kimock Band for hours The Hofe and I walked around the festival, enjoying the generally hippy atmosphere. There were thousands of friendly people milling about. We were eating pizza when we saw the dawn breaking in the east. Karl Denson and his Tiny Universe were only about halfway through their long set. Ithink everyone in the band is hoping we will get to play more festivals next summer. As it is we are all looking forward to playing together in August.

June 19th I just woke up from the little tour that the Mother Hips was on. It was like a good dream, but I feel pretty tired. All the shows went great thanks mostly to lots of people coming out and being nice to us, and to our friends giving us help along the way. I saw some good bands too; Pinata, Virgil Cain, Ape and the Mermen. Ape was crazy. They play surf music and they have this guy who stands in the middle of the stage and carves a tiki idol out of a log with a hand-held hatchet, wood chips flying everywhere. It sounds weird but I really liked it when I saw it. It will be a busy time ahead for me. We played with them at the Ocean Revolution Benefit in Santa Cruz. This event was very enjoyable for me because it kind of blended two of my interests. I saw a lot of my surfing friends down there. The tickets were expensive but all the money went to a cause I feel is very important. We were honored to be able to help out. Check it out at

The Sheets are opening for Louis XIV at the Fillmore on Wednesday June 22nd. Tthere will be more copies of the EP) and then the Hips are playing the Neil Young thing at Slim's on Friday and then going up to Quincy to play the High Sierra Music Festival.

May 20th I went to Yosemite to lead some 9th graders on a backpacking trip to Little Yosemite Valley. I stayed at a friend's house south of the Valley the night before and it rained hard all night long. I knew I was in for an interesting week. I got into the Valley the next morning right before the road was closed due to the Merced River flooding. The Park Service prohibited any of the outfitters from taking groups into the backcountry due to flooding as well so we ended up taking the kids out on dayhikes on the valley floor. The waterfalls were outrageous. I had never seen them like that before. The guides all stayed in one of the tent cabins in Curry Village after eating pizza and drinking beer with everyone else who was stranded there. Those kinds of situations are always kind of cool because everyone is in the same boat with everyone else. On wednesday the weather cleared a bit so we took the kids out on an overnight. We headed up the Merced into Little Yosemite Valley and looked at Vernal and Nevada Falls. There was so much water that it was scary to even look at them. Look at the pictures. Today the Mother Hips are going to a studio in SF to do some recording.


May 4th My New York Top Ten:

1. Playing to a packed house at Jack's in the

2. Wandering through the park on a spring day
3. Listening to Rufus Wainwright's POSES in a thunderstorm on Greenwich Ave.
4. Listening to Brian Eno's BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE on a late night walk across town. Spooky.
5. Omelette at Tartine in the Village
6. Seeing old and new friends
7. Finally kind of figuring out the subway
8. Seeing the Yankees at Yankee Stadium
9. Sleeping from 4am til 11am and feeling good about it
10. Birds of North America at the Museum of Natural History

4/29/05 @ Jack's Stir Brew Coffee in NYC

April 21st I went to Mexico for five days last week.
The surf was fun, if a little crowded, the water was warm and the living was easy. I camped out on the East Cape one night. It is an almost empty desert that runs right into the Gulf of California where clean waves break down many rocky points. Randomly I ran into one of my childhood friends out there and we spent a pleasant evening eating and drinking and laughing. I bought Jules Verne's 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA which I had never read. I didn't think I would find anything worth reading at the airport book store, but there it was and I liked it a lot. I never realized that the title refers to travelling under the sea for the distance of 20,000 leagues. I always thought it meant 20,000 leagues deep, which is about 60,000 miles, and I could never really grasp that. It is a fine book. Captain Nemo is a remarkable character; mysterious, fascinated by the natural world and repulsed by the world of humans. He is both ruthless and compassionate, a freedom fighter who keeps the narrator and his companions captive for the duration of the story. There is a whole lot of scientific classification of sea life which gets pretty dry but it is easy to pass over it without getting lost.
I am home now but I am leaving for New York on Sunday. Be sure to come to one of those shows if you are in the area and/or tell your New York friends about them. - Tim=

P.S. Here are some random pictures from my underwater camera.

April 8th, San Francisco As I had mentioned before I spent six days working as the caretaker at the Ostrander Ski Hut in Yosemite, filling in for one of the full-time guys. The weather was incredible, five days of sunshine and shirt-sleeves and one day and night of snow and lightning. At on epoint it looked like I was going to be alone out there for a few days and I got a little spooked about that. I really like to be around at least one other person. But it turned out that some people came in and brought lots of delicious organic food which they shared with me. My favorite part might have been talking on the Park Service radio. It felt very "Adventure People." I had to refer to the little booklet about how to talk correctly. You have to say "Break" instead of "over" when you are done with your sentence, and "clear" instead of "out" at the very end. I got it down pretty good by the last day.

When I got home I found that there are going to be quite a few rock shows happening in June, which will be posted in a little while. Also check out the California Report segment from NPR that aired Friday April 1st.

Happy Spring.

1. poke- Hawaiian raw fish salad
2. Little Wings- GROW
3. Bart Davenport live in concert
4. Kubota Sushi in SF
5. Jack Kornfield A PATH WITH HEART
6. Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY trilogy
7. Tartine- bakery in SF
8. writing in my journal

March 26th, San Francisco There have been a few really nice days in between a lot of storms here in northern California. I finally surfed a bit today and it felt really good. Mostly I have been recording songs in my house and taking it easy. On friday April 1st a radio piece about me aired on National Public Radio's California Report. This program is aired by most of the NPR stations in California, a list of which can be found here. I talk about growing up and living and working in California, songwriting, localism and Robinson Jeffers. There is some new videos in the "music and video" section of Paul Hoaglin and I playing some songs on the Bruce Latimer Show in Pacifica in January. Bruce Latimer is a very special kind of person and you can see him play a song in the introduction. Next weekend I have the honor of being the substitute hutkeeper at the Ostrander Ski Hut in Yosemite. If you feel like a little backcountry skiing, check it out.

Best regards-

March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, San Francisco I am wearing a green shirt, not so much because it is St. Patrick's Day but because it is what I put on yesterday. I have just returned from a small tour of California and Utah. A sincere thank you to everyone who came out to hear the music and have a good time, and especially to Momma and the Silent Sevens for letting the Hips use all their gear. I had fun at every show and never got tired of playing and I got to surf "Big Wednesday" at Trestles. CALIFORNIA WAY is doing well, the first pressing has sold out and we are into the second. I recently did an interview for the California Report on KQED radio and it is hopefully going to air next week. If it airs it will be on several NPR stations across the state. I will have more details as it gets closer. Greg Loiacono and I (Ball-Point Birds) are playing on wednesday the 23rd of March at the Swedish American Hall, opening for Tom Baxter at 8:00pm. Its all ages so bring your kiddies.

February 28th, San Francisco
I slept for 13 hours last night. It was a long weekend of playing music and hanging out in small places with a lot of grown men. The Tim Bluhm Involvement got back together for a few shows. We played with Jackpot in Redwood City, and though there were scarcely 30 people there it was a great time. Momma played their set at about the 10thy of the volume they usually do and it sounded nice to me, and Jackpot "trotted out" some brand new songs for us. The stage manager showed us an owls' nest in the back alley that apparently has been there for almost 30 years, which is 12 generations of owls. We even saw a little baby owl up there, looking down at us.

We played in Sacramento the next night to a full house. Bart Davenport played solo right before us and it was amazing. His voice, his guitar playing and his moves were things that I have never get to check out in this day and age. It was a "hard act to follow." After the show, Bart, me and John Baccigalupe (owner of the Hangar Studio and publisher of TapeOp Magazine) decided we would do a tour together in John's new 1981 BioDiesel Mercedes. I hope they weren't kidding...

Nucci had to go home on Saturday so we needed to figure something out for our gig in San Rafael that night. I had planned on having John Hofer play but he got "double-booked" and couldn't make it. Our very own Paul Hoaglin suggested that he play drums and versatile Jack Reynolds switch to bass. We did a "rehearsal" at my house, in which Paul air-drummed the set whilst Jack played bass and Dan and I played guitar. Paul played his heart out and it sounded amazing. He played really well at the gig too. It feels great to be around such good musicians. After our set at in San Rafael we sat at the bar and drank pitchers and watched the Mother Truckers. At the end of their set Josh called us up to help him sing "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" with members of the other bands. It was a fun night.

On Sunday Bill DeBlonk's movie THIS IS THE SOUND played at the ATA Theatre on Valencia Street. Hofer and I went with some friends to watch it, despite being a little wierded out by the concept. There were about 15 people there and the movie was good. very strange to sit and watch a movie about yourself though. I wouldn't recommend it.

I am grateful to all the people who come out to the shows and pay money to hear the music and put their email addresses on the lists. Thank you one and all.

February 15th, San Francisco Rain fell steadily most of the night and still falls this morning. Days like this it feels as if San Francisco has slid up in the Northwest. Two weeks ago it seemed like San Diego. I spent a few days in Los Angeles and took a look around Griffith Park. The views from the ridge there are very fine and that city is undeniably beautiful. Mt. Baldy stands to the east with its snowcap and the ocean shines like metal to the west. I don't think there is a place like that in Central or Northern California, at least not with air pollution. I played some songs at the Hotel Cafe while I was there. It felt good to see so many people there, and my injured lip stayed out of my way mostly.

Then I drove up 395 to Mono County where I stayed with my family and skiied a lot. My brother and I went up San Joaquin Mountain one day. It is not a dramatic peak, although it is 12,000 feet tall, but it is significant nonetheless. It stands at the very headwaters of the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River which flows north from there (immediately west of Mammoth Mountain) and then hooks west through the Ansel Adams Wilderness, joining the North and South Forks before it flows out into the Great Central Valley and the San Francisco Bay. Though this mountain is on the Pacific Crest, it is actually shorter than Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak which lie to the west. We skiied down the north side of San Joaquin and into Horseshoe Canyon, where the little town of June Lake is located.

February 4th 2005, L.A.
The Brookdale Lodge was a creepy place, reminding me of THE SHINING. The once-opulent dining room had a real creek flowing through it, and the room where I played had a window looking into a swimming pool, like under the water. There was a sheet of plastic over the surface of the water which was kind of spooky. Nate and Jake joined me on stage and the show went really well. Matt Bauer, who opened the show, was very good. I stayed the night in a room at the hotel there, which is reportedly haunted, but nothing strange happened. Then I drove to Sacramento and played alone at Old Ironsides, which is always an enjoyable show for me. The next night at the Swedish American went very well. Conspiracy of Beards was remarkable on stage and off. It was a trip sharing the dressing room with 26 band members. And the Moore Brothers sounded so good in there. i was very happy that Greg and Paul came down and sang.

After a few days off I headed south to San Luis Obispo and played at the Frog and Peach, an unlikely place for a hushed music event, but one that has been cultivated over the last few years and works quiet well. Tom and Angie drove up from LA and sang some old-timey songs, sounding like Richard and Mimi Farina or something. The (mighty) Butch Boswell palyed and sang and sounded great too.

Then some friends and I headed down to Santa Barbara county for some surfing, where unfortunately I smashed my face on my heavy old surfboard and had to get fifteen stitches to the inside and outside of my lower lip. It is still pretty swollen as I write this, but the only consonant that really suffers is "F". So tomorrow don't ask me to sing "Thinking of Home and of Mother"...As always, thanks for coming to the shows and supporting my musical ideas.

October 26, 2004 - From myself and on behalf of the band a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made last weekend so fine. Rock hurts, I've said it before, but not this time. We can't wait to play again. On thursday October 28th I am playing solo at Henfling's in Ben Lomond, near Santa Cruz. This place is known for being quiet and "musical." It is a sit-down show. On Friday and Saturday the Mother Hips re-instate their traditional Halloween stand at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley. There will be two shows this time; Friday October 29th and Saturday October 30th. Wear a costume on both or either nights and compete for cash in the costume contest. Opener for the 29th TBA, Two Gallants open on the 30th. These guys opened for us in San Diego and they were really good, like you just know they are on their way. I would highly recommend seeing them play. Check and for more info. See you soon. - Tim Bluhm

October 9, 2004 - Thanks to everyone who came to the Great American Music Hall on Friday. Paul Hoaglin and I had a fine time playing. I am playing this Saturday (the 16th) at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. This is a new venue located on Fell Street between Van Ness and Franklin. I checked it out the other night and it is a cool place, and parking is no problem. I go on at 9:00pm. After me is D.W. Holiday and Sun of Mercury. Remember that you can check out the rest of my schedule here. I have a new record coming out of Fog City Records in November. I hope to see you at the show.
September 26, 2004 - It has been four months since I played any shows.
That is the longest I have gone since I learned to play guitar 17 years ago. So am I really excited to play again. Here is what is coming up:

Wednesday November 3rd - Tim Bluhm by himself at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, other acts to be announced later.

Friday November 5th - Tim Bluhm by himself at Old Ironsides in Sacramento

Saturday November 6th - Tim Bluhm by himself at Hotel Utah in San Francisco, supported by El Capitan and the Last of the Blacksmiths

Monday November 8th - Tim Bluhm by himself at the Frog and Peach's "Mondays at the Peach" series, San Luis Obispo. Dan Moore of 5 Foot Tuesday supports as well as others.

Friday November 12th and Saturday November 13th - The Mother Hips at Ego's in Salt Lake City, UT. The Court and Spark support.

There probably will be an acoustic show on Sunday night as well. The Holiday shows in San Francisco are going to happen right around the middle of December. More details on that later. For more information on these shows please visit the shows page.

Also I have recorded a new record for Fog City Records that will come out in early November. I will say more about that, and other releases, soon. I hope to see you all at a show. Take care, Tim

August 16, 2004 - I have been spending most of my time in the mountains of California this summer. Sorry for the lack of updates. It's hard to send emails via mule train. I have been sneaking back to the City and doing some recording for a new release, of which I will write more later on. New show dates are posted for late October/early November. These are mostly solo shows and the other acts will be figured out later as well.

Hopefully there will be a few more California dates as well as some in Utah and even Colorado. The website of Great God Pan Magazine, creation of my brother Erik and good friend Mark Sundeen, is up and running, filled with captivating nuggets of liturature, journalism and opinion. If you go to the TB Sessions link don't forget to check out the rest of Golden-Coast website.

  • night-surfing Lowers with Dan Moore and
    Scott Rutherford
  • surfing OB with Jack and Nucci
  • surfing at Sands in Isla Vista on a sunny summer day
  • Rainbow sandals
  • Trevor's new boots and their effect on his "macho" factor
  • leaving Mesquite, NV
  • Jack using a Bigsby tailpiece
  • Cafe Du Nord and the Bit'n Spur
  • Steve Poltz (
  • Sean Taylor; the guy can dance!
  • swimming in cold, black, smelly mud with a helmet and a backpack on
  • Freddy's Deli on La Playa in SF
  • sleeping in my clothes

August 9, 2004 - Tim has announced a solo show will take place at Henfling's Tavern in Ben Lomand, CA (Santa Cruz County) on Thursday, October 28th. More dates will be announced.

June 14 - Hello, Just a reminder that I and the Involvement are heading out for some shows this week. These are about the only shows I will be playing until October;

- The Casbah in San Diego on tuesday the 15th.
- The Silverlake Lounge in Hollywood on wednesday the 16th. My brother plays with the supporting act that night, Tom Watson and the Best of All.
- SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo on thursday the 17th.
The Farmer's Market happens on thursday evenings downtown...
- Slim's in San Francisco on friday the 18th.

All set times for the Involvement are 10:30ish. Amy Cooper opens all these shows, with Jack and Nucci on bass and drums. And don't forget that Paul Hoaglin stands in for Jeff Winfrey on bass during this tour. I hope to see you all there.

April 28 - Amy C. and I are off to NYC today, carrying one suitcase, Paul's blue Jazz Bass and Basky pedals, an electric guitar, and a snare drum. Wish us luck.

April 21 - It has been a busy time for me and my musical partners. The Mother Hips shows went very well from the band's perspective. It was so enjoyable to crack into those songs again and lift into harmonies with Greg and Paul. John was in fine form and spirits and explored his "looser side" which I appreciate so much. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and anyone who wished us well in non-attendance. Dawn Holliday and the staffs of both the GAMH and Slim's treated us like family the whole weekend, as they have for many years. Now Greg and Paul and I are getting it together for the Palms show in Chico. We will be playing lots of songs from the Sheets, Ball-Point Birds and other inter-determined selections from the insides of our collective eyelids. John Bittle of Chico and of the olden-days Bisonfield Trio will be there at the Palms (he might even live there) and will be joined by the Birds for some nostalgic harmonizing. Amy and I have been practicing for two shows in New York next week. One is a singer/songwriter thing upstate, wherein I will be backing Amy up on bass, and the other is in Manhattan and will feature Amy on electric guitar and bass pedals(courtesy of Paul Hoaglin) and me on drums and harmonica (strictly in the key of C). A small Tim Bluhm Involvement tour in the second/third week of June is planned. Amy Cooper will be playing at most of those shows as well, and my brother Erik plays in the Best of All, which is Tom Watson's group and they will be performing at the Silverlake Lounge. As for the "new" album I am making headway on getting it released, but it is safe to say that will not happen until shortly after the new year due to personal engagements this summer and the dreaded "fourth quarter" blackout thereafter.

  • Mi Pueblo restaurant in San Anselmo (Sir Francis Drake)
  • Selling Jockey (the Mother Hips van) to Momma
  • Cream of Wheat
  • Global warming
  • Brian Eno
  • Jackson C. Frank
  • Pablo Neruda
  • The Palms


Jeff Winfrey's Top 10

1. Sundown over Santa Margarita Lake,Ca
2. Pints of beer and Bowling For Columbine at Bagdad Theatre Portland,Or
3. The Casbah show in San Diego,Ca
4. Greg Kemptons unfailing hospitality
5. Tim Seely's set in Seattle,Wa
6. Exploring the backroads of Northern Cal for 12 days with Brutus (my harley) between shows
7. Exploring the treacherous, dark, dank, stinky, yet beutiful narrow
canyons of Zion,Ut
8. Feeling glad (and kinda lucky) to be alive after a 120 ft. free space
repell out of the treacherous,dark, dank, stinky, yet beutiful narrow canyon
9. The amazing undersea adventures Fatty Patty of Aqua-Nucci
10. Playing a show without having to re-wire the P.A. and saying "were in
hell aint it groovy"

Trevor Gerhard's August Favorites

  • Kendra + 1
  • Sleep
  • Lake swimming
  • Tim and Dan late night Portland porch acoustic harmonies
  • Car rides with Nucci
  • Ron Work
  • "Windows, windows, windows..."
  • Jackpot
  • The Monkey Grip
  • Professor Paul Hoaglin
  • Fabreeze
  • Life changes (for the better)

Kyle Field's top ten list of the moment:

1.sequoia national forest hikes
2.the smell of my girlfriend's clothes
3.rabbit bartholemew's segments in the surf film "free ride"
4.the artwork of matt leines
5.the idea of living away from electricity
6.pods of dolphin in the water
7.being at home
8.playing a recent show with my little brother,michael playing second guitar
9.eating large mountainous salads
10.surfing everyday

Paul's August Favourites from Japan

1. Pocari Sweat - the Japanese Gatorade, it actually tastes more like heavily watered-down cough syrup
2. Coffee Boss ("the boss of them all since 1992"!), or any other coffee-style beverage served in a can and available at street vending machines
3. AM/PM, Circle K, Lawsons or any other American truck stop transformed into Japanese corner store market
4. The Golden Temple in Kyoto
5. Sanju-Sangen-Do, also in Kyoto; the temple of the thousand images of the Buddhist deity Kannon
6. The most well-organised and friendly music venues I've ever encountered
7. Nao, Noiseman, Ryo, Chiba-san and all the rest of the staff at Bad News Records - you rule!
8. Quruli - the best rock band I've seen in absolutely years; thank you, Shigaru, Masashi, and Tasshin
9. Dismemberment Plan - for rocking out and watching me get drunker than I've ever been in my whole life; thanks Eric, Jason, Joe and, yes, even Travis
10. JV, Jay and Christopher - for letting me come at all, period!

Dan Moore's favorites

Old Iron Sides in Sacramento for the 1st time and
Silver Lake Lounge for the 1st time. Nucci's drumming
and Trevor's guitar playing at the Bit and Spur.
Surfing overhead lowers under a full moon and meteor
shower. Playing baseball, golf and boogie boarding
with my family. Open mic night with Jack and Tim at
Bink's in Portland Or. The Electric Theater sound
system in St. George. Mars.

Jack Reynolds' Top Ten

1. Johnny's Burritos in Ventura
2. Tim's Gibson 335
3. Bink's (NE Portland) open mic night, first monday
4. When Nucci is sleeping
5. The Casbah in San Diego
6. That little bar next to the Crocodile Cafe in
7. 40s of Pabst at the Delta Cafe in Portland
8. Portland band the Wrecking Balls
9. Polaroid I-Zone
10. My first wave at Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Nucci's Top Ten

1. Paper
2. Bacon eating contest
3. Meeting all the nice doctors and nurses at St. Mary's Memorial after the bacon eating contest
4. Wearing shoes
5. Pinching twenties from Trevor's wallet
6. Pinching Trevor's wallet
7. Pinching Trevor
8. Wearing shoes (I really, really like wearing
9. Quiet time with Tim
10. Yeah right! I've never been quiet in my life

March 30 - First of all, thanks to everyone out there who were supported me and the boys through our challenges last week. I had so many doubts as to what to do and my friends and supporters helped out a lot. It was a stressful time to be sure but everything worked out great other than the fact that Greg had to stay home. Rusty Miller of Jackpot sat in for Greg and we had a wonderful time. Some people said it was loose, well, maybe it was, but I haven't had so much fun in a long time. Mike Campbell came backstage wearing his 1960 Gretch White Falcon, just like the one sitting next to Neil Young on the sleeve of AFTER THE GOLDRUSH. He said Rick Rubin had recently given him a copy of SHOOTOUT and that he played in it his car for a couple weeks. The San Francisco shows are going to be even better, and it seems we just added one more because the first two are sold out. I talked with Greg today and he seems to be feeling better every day. Paul, Greg and I are going to Chico on the 23rd, and the three of us will play as the Sheets and Paul-Point Birds. On the new record front I am still working on getting it released. It shouldn't be long now. I am almost done writing songs for my new new record as well. Thanks again for being so nice to us.

February 19- The big news is the Mother Hips shows coming in March and April. Tickets will not be easy to come by, which is kind of cool for me and the boys, kind of a bummer for those who don't get them in time. And as far as more shows in the future, no one can say. I am excited to play them and am still focused on life and music apart from the Mother Hips.

The shows that I played with the Involvement were very enjoyable. The Palms, in Chico, is such a nice atmosphere to play in and I hope to do another show there in early May. Greg L. and I played some shows down the coast and had a great time, despite Greg feeling poorly at the beginning. Amy Cooper and I played two shows together this month and we will play more in the future. Next week at the Parkside i will be playing with the Involvement and that will pretty much be my last show before Solana Beach.

I am still trying to find a label to put out my newest recordings so I can't say when it will be available. Hopefully I will figure something out very soon. I plan on touring with the Involvement in June...Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and to all who care about my music.

January 24th- Amy Cooper and I travelled to the east coast for some shows in the middle of January. We had planned on writing bunch of songs together but managed to come up with only one complete song, "Night Comes for Grasshopper." To fill out the set we played several songs of our own. We played Philadelphia first and then the next two nights in New York. There was a good number of people at all the shows despite the cold weather. The night we played the Parkside it was -25 with wind chill. Amy and I both thank everyone for coming out and being nice to us. We are planning on touring the east coast more extensively sometime in late spring and we will have more collaborational songs by then. February will bring some more west coast shows.

The Involvement will be playing early on in Chico (supported by Nate Pendery's The Deer)and in Fairfax (supported by Dave Gleason'e Wasted Days) and Ball-Point Birds (Greg Loiacono and me) are doing a little California coast tour, starting with an "evening with" at the Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco on the 8th. Also of note is my residency at the Parkside in SF. I will be playing every tuesday night (with the exception of the 10th) in February. On the 3rd, the esteemed and aforementioned David Gleason will also play, on the 17th Ben Weaver will be there, and on the 24th I am hoping the Involvement can join me.

My solo record, which for now I am calling WINGBEATS, is more or less done and I am looking for a label to put it out. Hopefully something will come of that soon so it can be released in a timely fashion.

I hope to see you all at the shows.

December 23rd - I flew down to San Diego a day before the Casbah show to practice with the boys. Dan Moore picked me up at the airport and we met everybody else at Benny's for some beef tacos, according to tradition. After a while we headed over the Jack's garage and messed around with some ideas for about two hours, mostly just to stretch out and warm up. The show at the Casbah that night went really well, we had good sound, the crowd was into it and we had fun. The next day we headed up to Hollywood and found ourselves in some really horrendous traffic. It would be an omen of what was to come.

Upon arrival at the Knitting Factory I discovered that we were scheduled to play about two hours later than I had thought and I was unable to convince the production manager to change the schedule. I had hoped to be out of there by 11pm, but we didn't go on until 10:45. It is a pleasant place to play nonetheless. The sound system is great and the staff is professional. The attendance was modest but enthusiastic and we had a good time. After the show we needed to cover some ground toward Arcata, where we had a show the next night. I got us as far as the north end of the Grapevine, right at the base of the great San Joaquin Valley. We slept for a few hours at a hotel and got on the road at about 9am. By 2pm we arrived in San Francisco. I needed to stop and pick up some stuff there and we crossed the Golden Gate at 3 under darkening skies. It was a Friday. It took us over 7 hours to finally arrive at the club in McKinleyville, a drive that should have taken us 4 1/2 hours. The discrepancy can be attributed to the awful, awful traffic in San Rafael and Santa Rosa, the absolute downpour that started in Cotati and didn't stop for three days and 800 miles and to the simple fact that six guys in a small-ish vehicle have to stop very often for a variety of reasons. We showed up at the Six Rivers Brewery and pretty much had to load in (through a mud-puddle and in the rain) and start playing right away. There was a good crowd there and everybody had a great time despite missing dinner. (I managed to gulp down a few nasty chicken fingers that the bartender found in the kitchen.)

The drive to Portland was rain-soaked and mountainous. We saw a number of wrecks and a rockslide or two along highway 199. In Portland there was sleet and ice but we made it safely to the Tonic Lounge. Five Foot Tuesday played a set without time for dinner and then Tim Seely played, singing intermittently into a lavalier microphone hooked onto a harmonica rack running through a synth-string effect pedal. It ended up sounding like a one-man Mercury Rev record. Trevor flew home the next morning and would not join us again until San Francisco. We had a night off the next night and we hung out with friends and dined on oysters and catfish at Montage.

I managed to hook up a house party at the home of Karl Blau in Anacortes, northwest of Seattle, through my friend Kyle Field. Karl is a third generation oyster farmer and a creative and beautiful songwriter. When we showed up at his house he was cutting the feet off some chickens from his backyard. He and his wife Calli cooked those birds up and pulled out a whole lot of oysters and we had a big meal there in the kitchen. Karl then played a short set in the living room of the house he grew up in, quietly commanding the small crowd of locals that had showed up, playing a Danelectro and using a sampler to create loops of mouth-percussion and singing to accompany his songs. Then two Anacortes musicians from a band called Spoonshine played some acoustic songs, and then the Involvement got up there and gingerly set about playing, trying hard not to lay into our instruments too hard. All these big amps and drums set up in this little living room in a very rural area...After the show we played liar's dice far into the night.

The next day I started to feel ill and I was convinced I was getting the flu, the famous flu. Before the show I was unable to touch my dinner and went to lay down in the back of the truck. It was cold in Seattle and the truck was parked in a pretty bad area and I was miserable. Dan called me on my phone when it was time to play and I walked back to the club, shivering uncontrollably. Once on stage I felt OK and the band played well I managed to sell a bunch of CDs before walking back to the truck and crawling back into my sleeping bag. I missed Tim Seely's set and Friend for Heroes' set. I heard FfHs covered my song "Tear it Down."

I felt much better the next morning and Dan and Trevor had flown home so there was plenty of room in the truck. We drove south all day and stopped in Ashland for dinner. The whole town was lit up like a Christmas tree and we tasted the Lithia water that flows out of a fountain downtown. It is said to have bolstered the health of the early settlers here, but it tasted really awful. We arrived in San Francisco at about 2am.

On Thursday night I had commited us to playing a song (The Beach Boys' "Little St. Nick") for a toy drive at the Parkside. The only problem was that I couldn't find a recording of the song until earlier that same day and Jeff, Nucci, Jack and I tried our best to learn it well enough to perform it, but could not. We took the stage eagerly and started in, inspired by David Gleason's Wasted Days who had just been on stage, and proceeded to train-wreck worse than I had ever train-wrecked before. Luckily it was a short song and we were done in about two minutes and we slunk out the door in shame before anyone could react.

Friday was the big show, the Show of the year. This one was especially big for me because I was fronting or co-fronting three of the four bands on the bill. It was a hectic afternoon of getting ready and trying to get through soundcheck but at last it was time for Ball-Point Birds to play. Greg and I were both pretty sure it would be a token performance to a chatty crowd and were prepared for that. But when we struck the first chords of "Daisy and Joaquin" the audience fell hush. It felt incredible to sing with Greg again and our harmonies were right where we left them. We played for about a half-hour. I missed Chuck's set entirely because I had to eat dinner and write rough setlists for the Sheets and the Involvement. Luckily Nucci volunteered to write out the latter. Paul and I walked onto stage and launched into "Long Journey of the Eye." I had played Greg L.'s Les Paul at the Fillmore and it kind of became the Sheets guitar for me then, so I played it now too. It is much hotter and raunchier than my Gibsons, which are pretty raunchy already, but in a flappier way. We all had a blast, Greg and I watching Paul and Paul bashing the %(^*& out of his drums. I wished I had had some of those guys' vocals in the monitors, but they were set up for the Involvement, for which I can hear Jack and Dan enough without putting them in my own mix. We didn't play perfect, to be sure, but that's kind of what the Sheets has been all about so far. More heart than brain.

When it came time for the Involvement set I knew it would be a piece of cake. We had been playing everyday for a week and had paid a lot of attention to what we were doing. Those guys have been so concientious and earnest and it had paid off. I was really proud to see it all come together at a place like the Great American and in front of such a cool and attentive audience. It was a perfect close to a scary, challenging and exciting year. I can't wait to play more shows with Greg, Paul, Dan, Trevor, Jack Jeff and Nucci in any of the possible combinations. Thank you to everyone who supported me in my pursuits this year and in past years. Happy Holidays.

November 15th, San Diego, CA - The-Man-Who-Would-Be-King and I made it to San Diego and here we await tonight's show. After playing two shows (tripling our show count)we are starting to figure out a few things about the Sheets. Thee Parkside show was really fun because we had Greg L. join us on his black Jazz bass. We wished we could take him along on the rest of the tour, but he declined, citing an appointment at the barber as his reason. I saw Vertibird for the first time and enjoyed watching Jack step to centerstage. Nat and Simone of Essen came through with the 200 handprinted and numbered EP covers and we have sold a lot already. I saw the Court and Spark's EP cover that Essen did and had to get them to do the Sheets. We will probably be sold out at Sacramento, but will have more for Saturday. We were offered the opening slot for Lucinda Williams' Saturday show at the Fillmore and so had to cancel our appearances with Vertibird in the northwest. Our sincerest apologies to all who had plans to attend. Vertibird will be there in full force.

November 3rd, Sausalito, CA - The mixing of the "solo" material went well, and in fact is all done except for one song that still has to be mixed. I had some demo CDs made up and began passing them out to industry types. I even went to New York City for that purpose, and to play two shows. I loved New York a lot. It is a huge city, truly huge and people stay up all night and they don't get tired. Greg Kempton and I walked about 25 miles while we were there. We visited the World Trade Site. It is a giant hole in the ground surrounded by a fence and a whole bunch of people looking down into the hole. There were a lot of trucks and workmen down there. The most poignant thing was the damage on some of the adjacent buildings. It was difficult to imagine those huge towers crashing down in the midst of the city. Sandwiches were $20 straight up. Brownies were $6.95 pretty much everywhere. Americanos cost about the same as California. I would say that people were generally friendlier there than here, but that is difficult to say. Maybe I was just in a really good mood. The music scene was interesting. I saw every musician I knew from San Francisco. We all fit into one club. We stood around, passed out demos to one another and talked about Cafe Du Nord.

We flew into Long Island on Southwest and that was a mistake. The train ride form Islip Airport to Manahttan was about 85 minutes. And then on the way home to San Francisco we somehow got stuck in Vegas for three days because of fires in LA, and somehow agreed that the Hard Rock Hotel was the most prudent choice for lodging. There were a lot of famous people there. At least they were dressed like famous people. I pretty much stayed in the room the whole time and switched back and forth between the Who channel and the Zeppelin channel. We went to New York New York but it just felt weird. We had crepes at a cafe in Paris. I learned that French people love nacho cheese. A middle-aged woman wearing sweat-pants shorts had a poorly executed Charlie's Angels tatoo on her ankle. I was ready to get back home.

The Ball-Point Birds show at the Sweetwater was very enjoyable and well-attended. I loved playing with Greg and watching Amy Cooper play. I have about twenty shows between now and December 19th. Some of them are with the Involvement and some of them are with the Sheets. One is with Butch Boswell. The Sheets EP is done and will be available for sale starting November 13th at Thee Parkside in SF. It has five songs on it and a hand-printed cover, limited to 200 copies. The Mother Hips will release a live recording on in a new, high-quality downloadable format. Album art will be downloadable as well. As I mentioned before my solo record is done and I am looking for a label to release it, ideally by early next year. Thanks to everyone for supporting my music and ideas and for the great conversations and hospitality that I and the boys have been lucky to recieve wherever we go. I look forward to seeing you soon.

October 5th, San Francisco - There has been a name change. Now, when I play with 5Foot Tuesday as my backing band it will be called Tim Bluhm Involvement. The line-up will still be the same, and 5Foot Tuesday is still 5Foot Tuesday.

September, the Golden Month. I had planned on spending most of it in southern Baja with my brother and and few friends, but instead decided to spend that time helping out with the construction of the family home in the eastern Sierra. I spent three weeks up there, largely working very long days laying hardwood floor and painting. It is said that manual labor is rewarding and I suppose it is, but mostly it just further enforced my commitment to being a musician. My back was sore, my hands had blisters and splinters and I drank too much Dr. Pepper. During the quiet evenings I did manage to work on some new songs and just play a lot of guitar for no reason at all. On the 23rd I played the first of three shows opening for Josh Ritter. The Largo is a real nice place that enforces the no-talk policy with rigor, which is great if you are a solo, acoustic performer and kind of a bummer if you are trying to whisper something to your companion. Josh was great and the audience absolutely adored him. The song called "Wings" is truly amazing. The next night was at the Cafe DuNord in San Francisco and the place was sold out. I really enjoyed playing in front of Josh's audience. They were a little older than what I am used to maybe, and very quiet always.

Then it was time for Paul and I to meet up and record the Sheets EP. We convened at Pyramid Audio Headquarters (of "Maybe" and "Purgatory" renown)and very quickly set up and quite literally bashed out three songs in four hours, including a trip to my favorite retail spot Guitar Center. The next day we sang our parts monitoring off the stereo speakers thereby completing the recordings without once using headphones. (A fairly desirable accomplishment.) The next two days found Paul and I at Scott Solter's studio recording three more songs for my "solo" record, which we did live and together, and completing some overdubs on a few others thereby completing that phase of work. I flew to Seattle the next day to play the third and final show with JR, which went well, and returned awfully early the next morning to begin mixing the "solo" stuff at Tiny Telephone. Paul was in rehearsals with John Vanderslice for their upcoming five-week stint as the support act for Beulah on their alleged final tour, but Paul managed to come by and grace us with his magical ears for several mixes. That is all for now because I realize I am already writing about early October... Look for November and December tour dates with Involvement and the Sheets and don't forget October 22nd is Ball-Point Birds at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley with my favorite Amy Cooper.

August 31 , 2003 - The Moore Residence (5Foot Tuesday Headquarters): I have just completed the run-on sentence of August tour-dates. Hemingway used a lot of run-ons and no one said he shouldn't. I am sad to have it be over. Me and Dan and Jeff and Jack and Nucci unloaded the trailer for the last time and I felt helpless and nostalgic to see all of the musical equipment unloaded in the cul-de-sac. It has served us well; my beloved Wurlitzer being the only casualty. I left in St.George to be fixed by Sean Taylor. He may even amputate the speaker console to make it more portable. I have no idea how it will get to California but it doesn't really matter.

San Luis Obispo was the locale for some great times earlier in the month. I played at the SLO Brew with 5Ft. and Jackpot and local boys The Coyotes (not to be confused with the Court and Spark acoustic). We headed up to Ben Lomond and played Henfling's with David and Mike from Wasted Days and Ron Work joined us onstage as well. I actually prefer playing Henfling's as an acoustic act more. I went back down to San Luis and played at the Frog and Peach with Greg Olin and Adam Selzer and Little Wings. The place was packed and I felt good there. I camped out at my favorite place for a few days and surfed with Kyle Field and Justin Fuller and Hippy Johnny and ate shrimp burritos. A woman was killed by a great white shark in Avila while I was there. In LA Jack and Nucci and I went to Pink's Hot Dogs with Patrick Murphree after the show and then hung out in the Hollywood Hills and Jack and Nucci swam in the pool. The next day we drove up to San Francisco. At the Starbuck's on the Grapevine we looked at pretty girls and decided that looking at pretty girls might be cooler than dating them. The next morning we went surfing at Ocean Beach. I gave a girl a guitar lesson for her birthday but we mostly just talked and drank Gatorade. I don't think I really taught her anything. The show that night was the best yet. I feel like I smiled the whole night. The place was sold out, the other bands were amazing (Amy Cooper, Four Year Bender and Golden Shoulders) and the staff was very nice to us. Guy, the owner, even helped us load some gear down the stairs.

The Steve Poltz section was next. He played between 5Ft. and me at the Old Ironsides in Sacto. He was amazing. I couldn't stop watching. His guitar playing is impossible and he jumps all around while he is doing it. He had the whole crowd transfixed all by himself. It was a hard act to follow but we did our best. Then we headed up to Guerneville for a show at the famously gay Fife's Ranch. Everything was fine until Nucci started in to one of his routines, jumping in the pool with his boots on, dragging people with him, and mounting a giant blow-up sex doll named Fatty Patty. Amazingly we were not kicked out of the place.

I flew up to Seattle to meet up with Steve and his friend from Austin named Scrappy Newcomb. We all played on the stage at the same time and had a great time. Later on we drove down to Gig Harbor and stayed with Nucci's aunt's house there, singing songs into the early morning. At 2:00pm we dropped Scrappy off at his hotel in Seattle and started driving toward Salt Lake City. We camped in the blustery wind near the Snake River and played guitar in the grass the next morning. The Zephyr show was really enjoyable, just Steve and I on the stage for about two hours, trading songs and stories. The next day we hooked up with 5Ft. in Springdale, gorged on rib-eyes at the Bit'n Spur and played a long, raucous set on the tiny stage. In the morning everyone got up early (those guys are amazing at that) and we headed for Pine Creek narrows with 800 feet of rope and our swimtrunks. Nick and Dag from Provo guided us through this spectacular canyon. Four rappels, numerous muddy, stinky, blackwater swims and about four hours later we emerged in to the sunshine celebrating our lucky lives. We made it to St. George just in time to play the show at the Electric Theatre, exhausted, dirty and happy.

August 11 , 2003 - I just returned from the first leg of the August tour with 5Foot Tuesday. The Fairfax show was really nice because a lot of people came out to see it and Paul Hoaglin sat in and played the slide solo on "Rich Man's Mind" and the piano part on "Evelyn From Switzerland." I felt happy to blend all of those excellent musicians together on one stage. We all stayed at Greg Kempton's house, who was as generous a host as he always is. We drove up to McKinleyville and had some trouble with the club not being too together or respectful. Paul came up there too and was in fine form. We played a few songs just the two of us ("If Love Has No Pride" and "Tinkerbell Perfume" and "California Way") and it felt really good. It was also clear by this point that 5Foot Tuesday and I had gotten so much better as a band. The harmonies with Jack and Dan were really making me happy and everyone played with spirit and humor and pride. Too bad there were only about 20 people to see it. We were grateful that they came. After the show we sat around in the little cottage we rented and talked and listened to CROOKED RAIN CROOKED RAIN by Pavement. Portland was nice because we played with Greg Olin and Adam Selzer, friends from San Luis Obispo. We played very well that night as well to about twenty people. I was pretty frustrated about the lack of publicity at the club, especially when hardly anyone showed up, but after that night I got a handle on my feelings and was able to simply enjoy travelling and making music with my friends. Seattle was good. About one hundred people showed up to see the show, which included Tim Seely of the Actual Tigers playing solo. He was amazing and I think a lot of the people were there to see him, but I didn't care. We talked for a while and discussed playing more shows together. The idea of 5Foot backing him up was even thrown out there. Some of us drove down to Nucci's mom's house in Gig Harbor after the show. It was dark and peaceful there and mist hung over the pond behind the house. Nucci's mom and aunt (rhymes with want) treated us to a gourmet breakfast of waffles and berries and coffee. We headed over to Idaho the next day, getting to the band condo in Ketchum very late. The car stereo was broken so we mostly listened to Nucci's comedy routines. He is so consistently entertaining that we kept track of the jokes he told that weren't funny and there were only four. But that was not including the repeats, which were only funny the first ten times and then they weren't that funny anymore. The favorite seemed to be his impersonation of Al Stewart singing "Time Passages." Jack and Nucci joined me early the next morning for a radio appearance. We played "Isn't Now Forever." Their ability to party late and get up early and cheerfully is unprecedented in my experiences. The show was OK, not a lot of people, but we played well again. Dan was feeling a little sick but insisted we play until closing time, leading me into songs I could not remember the words to. Salt Lake was the best show musically, but the crowd was thin, probably about 50 people. The next day we drove down to Cedar City and played a free show at Groovacious Platters record store. It was really nice to play in that setting. Young people and old people sat around on couches and listened to the songs for about two hours. Then we drove down to Mesquite and I looked around there for a while, watched the guys play craps, watched the house band drag through another wretched gig and felt how they must feel. I have it easy compared to that. I lost about four dollars on the quarter slots, smoked a cigarette and left the casino before I could start having negative thoughts. Early the next morning we headed for Southern Califonia, through the awful, awful I-15 corridor Sunday traffic that we always seem to be stuck in at the end of these tours. Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming shows.

July 9, 2003 - My last few days in the City were exhausting. Sunday morning Greg, Paul, Patrick Murphree (the filmmaker) and I convened at Sean Coleman's studio in the Mission to mix the recording from last December's Great American Music Hall Hips shows. Patrick filmed Saturday night's show for use in his film and he needed the soundtrack. We would mix the twelve songs he wanted and then get started on the other sixty (!) or so remaining songs. The best of these for a tentative release on California Recordings sometime in the future. It was fun and games the first day because the music sounded great and we were all hanging out again, and the task went quickly and pleasantly. Sean really knows what he is doing. The next morning, only Patrick and I returned. We quickly got the soundtrack stuff finished, Patrick left and Sean and I waded into the rock. The sounds on these recordings are really nice for a live recording and the performances aren't half bad. But listening to those cursed Super Reverbs for twelve hours straight is not easy. John Hofer came by in the evening and helped us tune up the kick drum. We stuck it out and managed to get through all the songs. They will all need at least one more mixing session before
they are complete.

July 1, 2003 - Paul Hoaglin has returned from his ramblings and we are getting our act together for our July 4th Sheets appearance. June was a fine month for me, travelling, playing music with lots of great people (The Court and Spark, Andrew Bird, Five Foot Tuesday, Nate Pendry and Mathew Struyf, my brother Erik, Tom Watson, Greg L., Bart Davenport and Paul Hoaglin. My most diverse month of music ever. At the end of July rehearsals with Five Foot will start up. We will be refining and reworking a lot of songs, and learning some new material as well. Work will continue on the new record throughout the summer at Tiny Telephone, Scott Solter's studio and PH's studio.

June 20th, San Francisco CA - 12:00pm Jeff and Nucci of Five Foot arrived from Southern California to help me record a song. Joe from California Recordings had urged me to include "Jaguar" on this next collection of songs and until now it had not been recorded. We got a good take of the song, with me playing wah guitar and Nucci playing his drums and Jeff his old G and L bass. Dan arrived later, waiting to sing his parts. I played the lead guitar, as much like Jack's part as I could (Jack was in Tennessee) and then sang the lead vocal. I changed some of the words at the last minute, feeling like they needed to be stronger and a bit darker. I text-messaged Paul a request for help. Paul was en route to Salt Lake City from Seattle as John Vanderslice's bass player (and van driver.) I needed a word to rhyme with jaguar and I had already used guitar, car and are and I didn't want to use bar, star, avatar or far. He came through (as usual) with scar. Then Dan warmed up and laid on Jack's vocal part. His voice was feeling a little rough so I ended up singing Dan's original part, the highest one. Then I put on a Juno 60 part for the spookiness I wanted. I like those Junos. I used one all over LAND AND SEA CHANTIES. "Jaguar" was finished by about 11:00pm and I felt like we had a little more in us, and the drums were still set up. Scott Solter (the talented engineer) seemed enthusiastic about getting into another song so he set out getting the drums changed to what I was looking for the song that I will call "Isn't Now Forever?" I wanted that kind of "Out on the Weekend" sound; super sparse and deliberate. Nucci played brushes and had two symbols touching for the "sizzle" effect. Jeff and Nucci learned the song and we ran it a bunch of times while Solter dialed in the sounds. We only had three minutes of tape left so we had to make the count short at the top and we played the outro for only a few seconds before the tape ran out and recording stopped. We finally got a good take at about 3:00am.

  • Swimming; lakes, streams, holes, bays, coves, creeks
  • Chutney and horseradish on sandwiches
  • Neil Young's one acoustic song during "Greendale"
  • The Sheets
  • Anna Karenina
  • Brown Cow whole milk yogurt
  • Wild salmon
  • Fuji apples
  • "If I Needed You(?)" by Townes Van Zandt
  • Jim Davis' Auto Repair in Palo Alto


1. baby carter out of hospital
2. the sheets at cafe du nord
3. dirt
4. dirt that made my lunch
5. Thank you dirt, Thanks a bunch
6. birthdays
7. fireworks
8. left over fireworks
9. hot days and cool nights in the city
10. shirt wearing dogs


1. Therapy
2. Driving (again; also see #1)
3. Finding Nemo
4. Covering the Fabs' "In My Life" with Our Boy, at Rachel's suggestion
5. The Sheets gig, esp. playing "Princess Of Darkness" with T & G
6. Dinner with T, G & Melissa at Goat Hill Pizza after the GAMH mix session
7. Enjoying the fruits of the Klickitat Band Camp sessions with Shay Scott & Brad Brooks (including "Krapftwerk - Organs At Midnight"!)
8. Being home once in a while
9. Left Luggage
10. Hearing Love's "Always See My Face" playing in Pendragon Books in Oakland
11. "Expecting"!

  • CITY OF GOD movie
  • Four Star Theatre on Clement St.
  • Jack Cornfield cassette tape
  • Paul Hoaglin's secret recordings
  • Dewey Weber Feather Fastbacks
  • Ropa Nueva at Habana restaurant on Van Ness
  • New York steak at Blue Plate restaurant on Valencia
  • Spectating the Alcatraz Triathalon
  • Josh Ritter at Cafe Du Nord
  • Toasted/roasted green tea
  • solo performances
  • Driving (anywhere, all the time)
  • Lightning (esp. in Florida)
  • Aimee Mann - any and all but especially Bachelor No. 2 (does she need a new MD post-Michael Lockwood? I'm available)
  • The new Jayhawks record (okay, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing, besides Chris Stills sings all over it. The demos disc is the best stuff actually)
  • "Peppergrinder" (inquiries to C. McGuire c/o General Post, Minneapolis, MN)
  • Text Messaging (dishonourable mention:
    non-functioning hands-free devices)
  • Gregg Keplinger - or "Keppie" for short (as in, "where's Keppie?")
  • Bonnie Hayes (Love In The Ruins rules)
  • Marriott properties the world over ("JW, your empire is far more powerful than my own")
  • Cruise control (self-explanatory)
  • Mocha Frappucinos and blue Gatorade (inexplicable) and last but not in any way least:
  • Cracker Barrel (grilled cheese, and/or pancakes and hashbrown casserole)

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