Tim Bluhm: The Soft Adventure EP/Colts
submitted to JamBase.com for album of the month, May 2003

This is not happy music. But then again, life isn't all sunshine and lollipops and having the proper soundtrack for the gray days can make all the difference. Bluhm, the primary writing voice for the recently disbanded & ever amazing Mother Hips, drops a pair of world weary wonders on us. The Soft Adventure is like a sparkly smooth piece of bottle glass and Colts, a previously unreleased album, feels like a jagged, dark stone. Both come off like something found just outside the cover shot of Neil Young's On The Beach. There's honest sadness in these grooves that hold a tremendous understanding of day-to-day disappointment. The tired thump of barroom piano and the steel guitar winds only add to this sense of perfect aloneness with one's thoughts. In lesser hands, this would all come across as merely glum but Bluhm is a high plains, big ocean troubadour who's beautifully lonely voice blows through us with a gentle breeze. As spare & lovely as an acoustic guitar heard being strummed far off in the distance, a song we do not yet know calling us forward along the sand.