tim bluhm - the soft adventure

This is an exceptionally satisfying CD. Tim Bluhm is best known as the leader of the band Mother Hips, a mind boggling pop band that has generated raves from many critics. This disc is a two part adventure. The first six tunes are Bluhm's latest material (recorded in 2001)...while the remaining ten tunes are a "lost" album (entitled Colt) that was recorded in 1996 (but never released until now). Both old and new recordings prove just how strong of a songwriter this man is. While Mother Hips is, for the most part, a pure pop endeavor...Bluhm's solo material is softer and buffered with hints of country. His lyrics are personal and reflective...and the man has one of the best voices around. If his music was marketed heavily...Tim Bluhm would no doubt be a superstar overnight. Things being as they are...this artist is still an obscure delight for those who happen to be fortunate enough to follow his career. Pop music just doesn't get much better than this. Knockout tunes include "Tear It Down" "Spying On Your Teen," "The Soft Adventure," "Tiny Blue Coffin," and "Sadness of the Masses." Beautiful music from start to finish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. (Rating: 5+++)