Press Kit

By John Baccigaluppi
Jan/Feb, 2005

Tim Bluhm is an artist I have been listening to for over a decade. His band, the Mother Hips, recorded their debut album, BACK TO THE GROTTO, at my studio in 1992. The self-released disc was later picked up and rereleased by Rick Rubin's American Recordings and the Mother Hips went on to release four more albums before taking a hiatus in 2002. In my opinion, the break was a good thing, as both Tim and Greg Loiacono (the other guitarist/vocalist/songwriter in the Mother Hips) went on to release quite a few solo projects, including the incredibly beautiful BALL-POINT BIRDS CD Tim and Greg did as a duo. CALIFORNIA WAY is the latest solo disc from Tim and the spare acoustic recording is witness to the fact that Tim Bluhm is one of the best (and most underrated) songwriters of his generation. I haven't missed Tim's or Greg's shows if I'm in town for the last few years, and most of the shows have been pretty fucking stellar.

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